Butter “Il Casello”,
from the production of the King of Cheeses
Tradition’s delight.
This butter takes its name from the historic medieval building where Parmigiano Reggiano used to be made. 
Ideed the two productions are linked: in the “Casello” (the cheese farm) cream rises to the top naturally from milk during the night before the production day of cheese, becoming  the excellent ingredient of this butter which is unique for its typicality and flavour.


Available sizes and packs

100 grams available with packaging  "Il Casello"- case * 2 kg

125 grams available with new packaging "Casello" - case * 5 kg or 2,5 kg

250 grams available with new packaging "Casello" - case *  5 kg or 2,5 kg

500 grams available with packaging "Il Casello" - case *  5 kg